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This is a digital garden, not a blog. There is no linear history. Articles aren't refined or complete. Content is always evolving. This garden is imperfect by design.

I enjoy writing and sharing knowledge, but I've always had a hard time finding regular time to do it. The digital garden philosophy allows me to share knowledge in an iterative way and without committing a bunch of time up front. I'll primarily focus on game development related topics, but I'll probably stray a bit from that path from time to time.

Every article in this garden has three pieces of metadata (idea borrowed from Maggie Appleton):

  • The Planted date is the date the article was first added to the garden.
  • The Last tended date is when the article was last updated.
  • The Status is a rough indicator of how "done" I feel an article is. It can be:
    • 🌱 Seedling - very rough and early ideas
    • 🌿 Budding - articles I've cleaned up and clarified
    • 🌳 Evergreen - articles that are reasonably complete (though I still tend these over time).


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This is a digital garden, not a blog 🌻 Learn more