What the Fanta

What the Fanta was a marketing campaign for The Coca-Cola Company to reveal a new mystery flavor of Fanta soda. The project involved the development of a sweepstakes website and a small game. Using clues hidden on the web page, and additional ones earned by playing the game, visitors would submit flavor guesses to the sweepstakes.

Marketing campaign on Fanta.com
Play game Flavor reveal

My responsibilities

I responsible for developing an obstacle avoidance game for the campaign in collaboration with IfThen. My focus was on engineering and game design.

Key contributions

  • Crafted a procedurally generated level system that was stitched together from smaller, hand crafted chunks.
  • Optimized the game to run across a variety of mobile devices and desktop browsers.
  • Tuned the difficulty to create a challenging, yet accessible experience.


Landing page
Sweepstakes entry
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