untitled algebra game

Untitled Algebra Game was an educational game that I worked on with Filament Games before it was unfortunately put on indefinite hold.

The goal of the project was to help students visualize and perform operations on exponents by combining and separating groups of cells. Players would be given the tools of a biology laboratory, using pipettes to load operations onto cells on a substrate.

My responsibilities

As the project's lead engineer, I was responsible for all engineering tasks; from planning to execution. I worked closely with Filament's design and art team to make sure expectations were aligned with project constraints (hardware, timeline, etc).

Key contributions

  • Created a metaball shader with Shader Graph to achieve a cell-like visual effect. For a deeper dive on how I implemented metaballs, check out this article in the garden.
  • Wrote a mathematical expression parser.
  • Developed a system for visualizing exponents as cells.
  • Created a comprehensive handoff document to allow Filament to easily resume the project at a later date.


Metaball shader
Metaball shader under the hood